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Hi guys,

I currently have a very big issue at hand. I have a Alfa 147 2002 twin spark 2.0 selespeed.

I have taken it to an Alfa romeo specialist and he is also stumped on what the issue is.

while driving it will either get stuck into fourth gear and will not gear down, or stuck in 1st or neutral, regardless if it gets stuck in either 1st or Neutral it will manage to change itself into 4th and wont move into any other gear. 4th gear will flash on the dash. if the car is turned on and idling then it automatically changes into 4th gear by itself. the car willl not drive because its in 4th gear, and once you turn it off, it does not start again.

the speciliast has currently changed the following:
- Selespeed pump and advised it wasnt the issue
- The actuator and advised it wasnt the issue
- Actuator sesonsor and it wasnt the issue.
- He checked out the Gear lever and it wasnt the issue.
- all the fluids are topped up.

he is currently awaiting a body control module to come in from the UK to place that in to identify if it may be the body control module.

But has anyone gone through the same or similar issue and had it fixed.

Can some one please help.
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