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Seeking help finding a project 105

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Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie here. What a fantastic forum - probably the best I've used. Congratulations.
I've owned a couple of gtv's in the distant past but have now decided my next project car should be another Alfa.
I'm looking specifically for a Giulia Sprint GT (Veloce) or a series 1 1750 GTV to build into a classic tarmac rally car. Want to keep it to 1971 or earlier.
I'm based in Melbourne and I don't care about condition really at all as I am planning on a total ground up rebuild anyway.
I know I've missed out on a few on ebay recently - the blue sprint Gt would have been ideal as originality isn't required. I don't know if that car sold, but I'm not getting answers to email enquiries.
If anyone knows of any suitable cars and could let me know, that would be great. My no is 0414 892 222 if anyone wants to discuss a car.
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Welcome Alby, there's got to be a sound, early GT shell out there for you. Chances are you'll find it here!

What kind of events do you have in mind for the finished project?

Good luck
Welcome Alby, there's got to be a sound, early GT shell out there for you. Chances are you'll find it here!

What kind of events do you have in mind for the finished project?

Good luck
Thanks italiansedanman. Yeah, I'm sure there's something suitable - its just a matter of keeping on trying until I find it.
I did Targa Tasmania a few years ago in an alpine renault - best driving week of my life, great roads, closed to the public, and police helping you!!! I then had some business issues which stopped my car activities for a while and end up selling the alpine as a result.
Business is now better so I want to build a car for Targa Tasmania and classic adelaide and will build it specifically to their rules. That will also make it reasonably suitable as a track day car and I'm joining the Vic Alfa club so I can participate in their MSCA sprint days - this may well be the main use as I'm still a long way from having a major events budget. Also should make quite a nice car for the ocasional Sunday blast on some nice windy roads, and will use it as a daily driver when I'm in the mood and the weather is nice.

Always loved the 105 Alfa coupes - first car I was ever able to change from 4th to 5th at 160KPH - a long time ago mind you! Anyway, I've done the research, concluded they are the perfect car for the 3 "uses" I have in mind, easy to be passionate about, and now can't wait to get started.
Cheers, Alby
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Thanks italiansedanman. Yeah, I'm sI then had some business issues which stopped my car activities for a while and end up selling the alpine as a result.
:eek::eek: Couldn'y you have sold something else? Like an arm, or a leg, or a kidney?
:eek::eek: Couldn'y you have sold something else? Like an arm, or a leg, or a kidney?
I tried selling all the usual things like wife, kids and cat, but couldn't get enough for them. In reality I also sold a Renault 5 turbo 2 (the mid engined monstor) I had. To tell the truth though, I'm not that sorry - I'm really looking forward to getting into and Alfa - just as good a car in my opinion, but without the same rarity value.
Dear god! You had a Turbo deux as well!?!?!

Make no mistake, I love Alfa Romeos but what the French gave to rallying in the form of the two cars you've recently disposed of, is the stuff of legend.

Renault and Alpine had such a gorgeous knack of building world-beating specials that were based on humdrum mechanicals and providing we, the spectators with real motor racing drama! It saddens me in some ways that they dont have a better reputation today.

The A110, the R5 Turbo and its evolutions were to France what the Alfa GTA and Tipo 33, the Maserati 250F and perhaps the Ferrari 250GTO are to Italy.
Thanks for the tip italiansedanman. In fact I've been thinking about and watching this one over the last week. It needs a heck of a lot of work, I can't see it before bidding closes and it needs to be transported to Melbourne.
On the other hand, it might go fairly cheaply, and when properly done, will be a great basis for what I want.
I finally took the plunge and bid on it - no one else did (do they know something I don't?) so now I own an alfa again.
I'm excited by it all, also a bit nervous at what I've taken on - at least I'll get to practice my welding a fair bit.

Thanks for your help and support - if you're in Melbourne come around and have a look in a month ot two when its here.
Jaysus, you bought it?>!?

Well done, I guess you'll be hanging around here a bit more then! Whao will you use for transport?
Hey Alby,

I was looking at that for curiosity. If it is what they say it is you've done brilliantly well, even after transport.

Hey there Alby, congrats on the purchase, you'll be busy for a while by the looks of it.

One of the members of the Alfa Club down here in Vic just recently finished a year-long build of a 105 for this years Targa Tassie, and he also uses the car for some of our sprints.

It may be worth your while to get in touch/have a look at the car. It's a thing of beauty i can assure you of that.

PM me for his details if you like.
Thanks to everyone for the congrats. When I have the car here I'll take some better photo's and put them up for general interest.
You'll certainly see more of me hanging around this site from now on. I'm no expert on alfa's as my recent history has been with other brands as you've seen, but I'll contribute when I can. Two things contributed to me deciding to go for a car that needs so much work and sight unseen - Firstly, talking to Vic, the seller, who convinced me about the genuineness of the car, and secondly this forum, which simply has astounding information on it to help a relative Alfa novice like myself and seems to have a very friendly, passionate group of members.
Re the question about my road car, its currently a 1995 BMW 318is. Having owned over 70 cars, this was my first BMW and will be my last. Why? Because although it does everything well and I see it as the 90's version of a 105 alfa (coupe shape, 4 cylinder, rwd, etc), I was absolutely bored with it within 6 months - similar to a Toyota MR2 I had, there just doesn't seem to be the soul that Alfa's and Alpine Renault's and some other cars have. Nevertheless you'll probably see it at a few sprint meetings next year as part of keeping me motivated to finish the alfa as soon as possible.
Cheers to evrybody,
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105 Panels Needed

Hi Everyone,

Well, my "new" 1965 Sprint GT arrived from Brisbane at the weekend. It certainly requires total restoration, inluding new front, new rear, 2 new quarter panels, new sills, new front and rear window surround areas. Also, the separate boxes containing all the interior, including the dash, and the engine/gearbox as well as all the little bits and pieces like lights, door handles, etc, seem to have gone missing. Still hoping they turn up but its looking doubtful - I'm still going to press on anyway - at least some new or replacement panels came with the car so its not a total loss.

I'm going to start the bodywork at the front and work my way back. Before I blow my budget completely buying new reproduction panels, I thought it worth checking to see if anyone has any spare panels or parts of panels that might be of use.

Most immediate need is for a stepnose front panel - at least the top section, as the bottom half is recoverable but the top part is a mess with some of it missing altogether.

Other panel parts I'm searching for include:
Outer sills
Rear left quarter panel
Rear window surround area
Floors or parts thereof.

If anyone wants to discuss any parts, I'm in Melbourne and can be reached on 0141 892 222.

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forgot to fix my phone number - should be 0414 892 222
You should try Derek Entesano - "alfa2go" on the BB, he's in Brissy but he might have a couple of things that you need.

I hope those boxes turn up for you.
Thanks Italiansedanman - I've sent him a pm so will keep my fingers crossed. Cheers
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