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Hi. I’m new to the group. I’ve recently developed (rekindled) a fascination with Spiders, and have spent hours (days) researching options, what’s available out there, and various aspects of what too be on the lookout for with older Spiders.

While I would love one from the 60’s, my meager budget puts my target on 70’s & 80’s versions that have some rather significant repairs needed. The idea is to get a project car to work on and restore, but be able to get it drivable to enjoy while going through the restoration process.

There are a few cars out there that I am being drawn to, but I am torn between choosing a car that appears to have a relatively solid body, but an engine that doesn’t run; to cars with engines that run, but have some significant body work needed (appearing to have been in accident).

So, I’m hoping to tap into the knowledge and experience in this community for some guidance. What’s the bigger headache/greater expense. Engine rebuild or body work?

I am pretty mechanically inclined, but never dappled into body work. Not that I’m averse to learning body work, but not sure what all is potentially involved with body work.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and advice.

Brad P.
Engine work over body work any day of the week. Motor can always be brought back to new. Body work, especially on older cars, never brought back to new especially if rusted.JMHO
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