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Always choose anything over body/rust work. that is specialized and usually expensive. Anything else you can do yourself.

from that picture....can't really it just dented above the wheel or is the rear quarter twisted and now mis-aligned? Have any of the suspension points on the body moved? Shock mount, spring mount and trailing arm mount are probably fine. Not sure what other suspension points there are.

The trunk lid. is it just open? if it's closed and latched then that corner is twisted $$$$ I notice the rear bumper appears pushed in. How was it hit? from the rear or did someone just "backed into" the side?

The problem is pictures only show so much. Light reflections can be deceptive. It may be twisted more than it appears, or less, or not at all and just a big fender dent. You will have to go back in person and stare at it a long time and compare to the undamaged side and try to imagine what needs to be done. Don't forget the inner sheet metal panels.

What is the asking price and just how "perfect" is the rest of the car?
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