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You say "a car to drive while you restore it.". That means you are not looking for a concours finished product. Figure what you ~really~ want.
My example- a 73, converted to Webers, recent motor rebuild, suspension worn out, interior not bad except dash. Rust and repairs in places. Dents, sub-par body work, poor panel fit, but respray red paint still holds a shine and looks decent. Electrical and fuel system a mess.

I bought it on a rainy night. Fixed up the major systems (still have some nasty clunks in the suspension- trunion?), installed a repro dash & console, gave it a good cleaning, and generally showed it some love.
It's now reliable enough to just get in and go (below 8000' elevation), is comfortable and presentable enough to enjoy without worry.
Money-wise I'm in it for about $10k. I might spend another 2k on stuff- brakes, finish the suspension, or learn how to weld and go crazy with new floor pans. I'd be fine recouping half my money if I were to sell. I didn't buy this as an investment, I bought it to enjoy and make memories.

So, that crunched spider you showed us....what is your budget and what do you want?
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