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Securing Stuff in a 750/ 101 Spider

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There are some essentials such as a quart of oil, fanbelt, paper towelling and windex etc. that are a comfort to have.

Important stuff can't be left in the glove box--locking it may invite a forced opening.

The left side of the trunk has some good space for stowing things but they need to be secured so they don't slide across to the battery side under spirited motoring.

Took a black school lunch bag from Eddie Bauer-has supported sides-- to keep driving gloves, tire gauge, a baggy of coins for the meter and registration.

This along with Windex, roll of paper towelling, "Absorb" towel for soaking up the water after a car wash, rain or heavy dew, oil and brake fluid fits in the space.

To secure this I took an inch of 5/8 nylon webbing, folded it in half and put a hole in it with a small soldering iron. This was then held to the back of the trunk space a by one of the bolts that holds the rear light assembly. This fixes one end of some 8 inches of black bungee cord, with a plastic hook at the other end.

Then, there is a flange or seam that sticks out from the inner fender construction. One of the lock devices that is used on aluminum sliding windows--the one with the set screw that forces against the frame-- fits to the flange.

This holds a loop of nylon cord such that the bungee cord, at modest tension holds all that stuff in--securely.:) The black colors are barely visible when the trunk is open.

The next step was to secure larger items that are carried on the floor, such as soft luggage for the longer trips.

Took another "window" locking thing and fixed it to the fender flange, but as low as possible, with its cord loop.

On the other side, I took out the battery(very dry and sound tray:)) and placed under it a folded length of the nylon webbing such that a loop was sticking up from the trunk side. This holds a black loop of bungee.

I had a light carrying strap--prolly for a camera case-- with hooks at each end--and an adjustible locking slider, which now holds the luggage.

On both holders it is important that the bungees are there to maintain the tension.

So far, so good--it worked on th N W Rally.:D
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