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Second extended 1456 page editon of "Alleggerita" available in september 2012

Dear members,

Maybe you already know but just in case.
A second extended 1456 page editon of "Alleggerita" will be available by the beginning of september 2012. This edition contains a lot of new information on the Giulia Sprint GTA, GTA 1300 Junior, GTA-SA and GTAm.

This is what I have heard about the book sofar:

“Volume 1 of “Alleggerita” is about the evolution of the GTA/GTAJ/GTJ/GTAm and the race history of the cars with a focus on the European touring car challenge, where Autodelta participated mainly.

Volume two “Alleggerita technical documentation” includes the complete homologation papers of the TZ/Giulia TI Super/GTA/GTJ/GTAJ/GTAm as well as the original Alfa Romeo documents in English about the technical characteristics of the GTA and the GTAJ. In addition to this we have tried to track down as many original parts of the cars as possible and took pictures from all of them for the book.

Volume three “Alleggerita register”. It turned out that we needed 528 pages to cover all cars that we have information about. We have only used period pictures in the Volumes 1 and 3.

The books will only be sold as a set and will be packed in a brown box, similar looking to the first edition, also sealed with a cloverleaf sticker, just like the first edition. The sets are numbered with the same stamp used for the first edition. The numbers corresponding to GTA/GTA Junior VIN codes will initially be reserved for owners of these cars.

This will be the final edition of “Alleggerita” and there will not be a reprint or a revised edition in the future. Ever. What is planned for the years to come though is an “Alleggerita additions to the register” once new cars have been located and/or new information about cars becomes available. There might also be an “Alleggerita technical documentation part 2” once the parts, missing from the current publication have been located and photographed. Publication of this part 2 will depend on the amount of new information becoming available and the interest in such an update”.

If you want to know more about this book, send me a PM or an e-mail.

Ciao! Olaf

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Dear Olaf,

greetings from Tuscany, Italy,

i am interest in purchase the volumne n° 3 of the Alleggerita 'opera omnia'

or however also the volume n° 1 of the same opera. Can you help me?


giorgio s ballotta
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