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Hey Guys,

Well... I think its time for me to hit the gym a little harder...

Despite slathering the seats of my 87 Quad-Spider in Lexol preservative before putting the car in storage and again before leaving from Pennsylvania yesterday to bring the car to Kentucky the stitching on the driver's seat bottom split straight across the middle.

So... given that this will bug the living snot out of me until I get this fixed... I was wondering if any one in the state had a nice set of OE Quad or Black Veloce sport seats laying around the garage that they could part with.

In earnest, I just need the seat bottom for the Driver's seat... so if any one has just the Quad bottom in the "Light gray" that would be perfect... but if not I am open to just replacing the seats.

I know I could re-upholster the seats from many suppliers but that takes more time than I currently have room for or could spend. SO I'd rather just replace the entire assembly.

Let me know if any one has anything.. I already sent Mark at the farm and e mail... so here's hoping..

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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