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safety interlock device help sought, please

To bypass the Bosch interlock device, does one simply need to jump the wires at 10 and 13 (red/black and green/black)? Do you accomplish that by jumping those wires and then leaving the multi-pin connector un-plugged from the interlock box? I've tried this and get no cranking. Or should I remove the pin connectors at 10 and 13, join them outside of the multi-pin connector, then plug said connector back into the interlock box?

I've been messing with and pondering this for the past few weeks, since my alternator light's flickering coincided with noises under the dash. I found the original buzzers - mentioned in an earlier post to this thread - were being actuated, in exact synch with the flashing of my alternator light. So I removed the buzzers. Now the interlock box itself is doing the same synchronized soundtrack with the flickering alternator light; I'm assuming the interlock box has a relay(s) inside which is where the buzzing is coming from.

I have scrupulously cleaned the fuse box and all it's connections, as well as those on the alternator and voltage regulator circuits. The alternator's output is good. The car does have a wiring modification from a previous care-giver, which is a switch mounted under the steering column to allow the cold start solenoid to be deactivated during starting. I always leave it in the closed position and it's never been an issue; I mention in in case it could be relevant.

I have Papajam's excellent color coded wiring diagram specific to the 74 with this Bosch seat belt interlock box, but could use some more help in figuring out how to properly rid the car of this annoyance.

Thanks in advance for any help. John
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