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Seat Motors Won't Quit

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Mr friend's 91L is in for service for replacement of the blend doors and his mechanic called me today (Apparently, I am the source of solutions) to tell me that the battery was dead this morning and as soon as he put it on a charger the seat motors kept going until the seats were fully forward and would not stop. Both seats, both motors

My only suggestion was to wack them with a hammer handle but apparently that didn't work.

Any thoughts out there?
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I have had that happen before with a battery charger on a 164. Probably will be OK when battery recharged. You can pull the yellow seat fuse under dash near ignition switch until battery recharged.
Thanks so much. I have passed this along.
I have had this as well. Charge the battery disconnected from the car and then reconnect it when done. Problem should go away.
I once got pinned by the seat to the steering wheel, had a heck of a time extracted myself.
I also just removed the fuse and it reset.
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