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seat bolt question

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Can anyone help me out with a pic of the factory seat mount bolts for a GTV? My 71 had Recaro's in it which I have removed, but the allen head bolts holding the Recaro's in are too short and do not fit through the original type seat rails... What further confuses me is that the short bolts thread in the floor without a problem (but wont pass through the rails?)
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Here are some shots that I have of one that I repaired. Also one that had to be fabed in on some replacement floors.


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I think that the bolts for the right and left seat are different:
According to the drawing 4 short bolts (B), are for the left seat and the right seat has a combination of 2 short ones (B) and 2 of the longer type (A)

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Thanks guys! That was the info I was looking for... That diagram is perfect, I forgot all about the spacers. It looks like I need to find someone with a parts car. :eek:
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