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Free GTV, man you scored!! I personally would not
remove the stock seats, cause they are pretty
comfy. You can get re-upholstry kits from many
places, World upholstry, Centerline, international
Auto, Alfaholics, OKP, etc, etc. This will be
much cheaper option than buying new seats.

I guess you could get seats out of the junkyard
from, a Honda, Acura, Toyota, etc, and get the
rails and custom install them. You are still
probably looking at at least $150 a seat for ones
in good condition, and lots of fab time.

Have fun.

991 Posts

OKP is a place in Germany that I buy most of my
Alfa parts. Gianni has the link above.
Its a great place with very good prices, and
selection. I usually buy large orders all at
once, cause the shipping is kinda pricey from
Europe. I have also found that using Paypal
to pay them is better than a straight credit
card payment cause you get the current Euro
exchange rate, not one picked by your credit card.
In Paypal you can choose to send Euros, or other

Also it usually takes my items about two weeks to
get to me ussing "economy" shipping.

I usually deal with a fellow named Christian, he
has been very helpfull. Here is his E-mail
[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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