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I always thought those aftermarket seats will have a lower hip-point than a stock seat. Maybe this is not the case with Alfas.

I'm thinking replacing my stock 73 GTV seat with some Recaro or Sparco. The stock ones sure are nice, but they're worn to a point that they have no support (lateral or back) whatsoever. I will slide off the seat even if I'm just making a 25 mph turn. :(

I know Sparco has a mounting bracket just for Alfa GTVs.
Any comments from whom had Recaro & Sparco installed?
Thank you. :D

And those 69 GTV seat are so hard to find.

turbolarespider said:
Seriously, the one thing you need to be careful with is seat height- quite a few cars have you sitting farther from their moutning points, which may run your head into the headliner.
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