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Searching for eventually race history of my 1900 TiSuper

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Hello members,
i recently bought a 1900 TiSuper. We got a confirmation by Archivo Storico Alfa Romeo, that our car was built on the 4th Oct. 1955 and delivered in Italy. Its chassis number is AR 14782, engine number AR 1308.01436. It was run in Rome with the plate number ROMA 374 218 until about end of the seventies.
We found that it has special racing carburettors and a modified air filter. The exhaust system is handbuilt, too. it seems to be older work, so that we conclude, that the car may have been used as a sports car in Italy. Is there anybody to find out if that`s true? Does anybody know an archive to look up? Does anybody have contact to Italian Alfa owners who might know?
Thanks for your reply
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