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Scam, Alert!!!1

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I believe I've been SCAMMED by peterhd. Email [email protected]

Is there a way to take legal actions?

I pray this message gets out to everyone on the form board.

I joined Alfa as a new owner working with honest people to build a relationship with other Alfa enthusiast. But this is not true for everybody, right?

Please post and beware of the SCAMMER! Alfa name peterhd, PM email [email protected]

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How about giving us more information. We'd like to hear the whole story.

You give us no info about your location, or the events of your problem. You show only 12 posts. Your written words hint that English is not your native language. These are trademarks of scam artists.

Meanwhile, any legal recourse you might have will be based upon the details of your transaction, and the country and/or state that you live in.

There is essentially nothing that the members of this bulletin board can do for you, other than offer advice. The quality of that advice will be based upon the quality and completeness of the information you provide.
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