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On Thu Jan 20 11:19:04 CST 2011, Alessandra Giorgetti - AFRA <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear *****
The Arese mayor's office succeeded a month ago in applying a national law , maintaining that Arese Alfa Romeo building , the cars, the archive , all documents and anything in the structure were of national cultural interest and FIAT auto could not destroy, move or sell anything concerning the museum. THIS DECISION WILL BE MADE BY 31JAN2011.

Now Fiat says ok, the cars and the documents are national interests, but not the building. Because of expo 2015, they wish to sell it and dismantle it and are pressing the national government for this ammendement. (Berlusconi hates Fiat...but we are not lucky enough for this to help!)

This should not be done, because we have archaic rules and Arese building was designed by a famous architect Vito Latis ...and should be of historical interests (otherwise the colosseum in Rome wouldn’t have survived so many years....) But we are in Italy and anything is possible.

The problem is that if Fiat gets the agreement for the building...where will all the cars be stored? Nowhere....!! because Fiat has no money for another stucture and ...if we are lucky, they will be locked in Torino underground and no Alfisti or anyone will see the museum for many many years. If we are unlucky, some pieces will disappear during the transportation.........

So please write some words of disappointment on this web site that will be read by the government in Rome as proof of the international interest of the Museum. (SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)
Post this to all your friends and Alfisti that can help us , but do not post it to Fiat employers!
Ciao, Alessandra

How to post a comment to ‘Save the Alfa Museum’:
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Go to the website
At the bottom of the grey page you will see:

Pubblicato da Arese73 a venerdì, gennaio 14, 2011 132 commenti
-click on the word "COMMENTI"
-scroll down to the end of all comments where there is a white
space to write your comments in,

This is what ***** drafted over the weekend, as his own opinion (Italian, which I believe is not necessary, and English versions):

Scrivo di aggiungere il mio sostegno di tenere l’edificio (il museo) di Arese con tutte le vetture e i documenti. Naturalmente è importante come un’appassionato dell’Alfa Romeo (e riceverà molti lettere e e-mail non di modificare il vincolo) ma è anche importante per il paese (cioè Italia). Perché? Il museo è la ragione di molti visitori di venire in Italia, una buona scusa .... forse per una settimana, o due, e di solito con le loro famiglie. Pensare la perdita del reddito dai turisti .... l’Italia non permettersi un cambio al vincolo !!

I write to add my support to keep the building (the museum) at Arese with all its vehicles and documents. Naturally it is important as an Alfa Romeo enthusiast (and you will receive many letters and e-mails not to change the ruling) but it is also important for the country (that is to say Italy). Why? The museum is the reason that many visitors come to Italy, a good excuse ….. perhaps for a week, or two, and usually with their families. To think of the loss of income from the tourist ….. Italy cannot afford a change to the ruling !!

-after inserting your comment, click on "POSTA COMMENTO"
-From the drop down menu select " Nome/URL "
-write in your NAME only, but NO URL.
-click on "ANTEPRIMA" and insert the security code exactly as you see it,
- again click on "POSTA COMMENTO"
-You will be returned to the home page with an English message at the bottom that says your comment has been published.​

-Bob Schnittger

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Alfa museum saved!

The good news from Italy today is that the court has mandated that the Alfa Museum be preserved in its present form. The collection cannot be moved or broken up. Fresh news from Italy!!!!:)

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The AROC Board of Directors took action when news of Fiat's possible circumvention first broke. First came verifying what facts we could from contacts (AROC does not jump at initial rumors). Instead of contacting Fiat (likely deaf ears) as some suggested, we went to a board member who has a government communications position in DC that made him the ideal candidate to personally contact the Ambassador at the Italian Embassy and note our concerns and displeasure to the Italian government (an effective route to a more sympathetic audience).
In my opinion, the current AROC Board tends to work quietly and effectively, so perhaps few notice that anything was done.
It might be time for another Yahoo! Groups update email to chapter presidents, because there is a six-week lag before a 'From The Board' column gets into Alfa Owner magazine, and by then much news would be old and no longer of interest to members.

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That is good news. Thanks.
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