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Went out for what will probably be my last good run for this year yesterday. Went for about 350 Km around the kootenays (Salmo- Creston Highway and parts of the Slocan Valley). A beautiful drive through the fall colours and even a little bit of snow. It will be a while til spring comes around but I'm hoping to find a few cars to join me on the next day trip... lets say in April.
Bob (the dreamer)


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Good roads and good pics+++
Bob, just fantastic!! Could be somewhere in Germany ;^) !
No lic. plates yet, I see. Did you get the lights legal?
South Western Canada just above Washington, Idaho and Montana.
Hi Randy,
nope... nothing legal about that car! I got a letter of exemption for lights, rear seat belts and the windshield from the director of vehicle safety here in BC but i had to put on those lovely marker lights on the rear bumper and the beautiful self adhesive reflectors too. I sure hope those don't just fall off in the next wind storm!!! We are now on to the next problem... they want me to apply for a 17 digit VIN because the european VIN's only have 9 digits. There seem to be all sorts of problems out there... if your looking for them!

Check out "alfa accident" in the picture room to see what happened to my former GTV!!!

Yepp! South Western Canada - South Eastern British Columbia. North of Spokane Washington.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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