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Sad AROC News....

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I just got a note on one of my e-mails...

Ed Mackey passed away on Thursday, November 22. He was battling cancer, but according to Nancy was battling to the end.

He will be missed.:(

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.. i am very sad to learn of this..he was a very nice is away sad to lose someone.. i wish his wife well ..
My condolences to the Mackey Family.
How sad! Thank you for letting us know, Eric.
Over the past couple of days, e-mails with the sad outcome have been circulating throughout the AROC community. We knew Ed was facing a battle, and now he is resting in peace. We will miss this long time alfista. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Nancy and Richard.

Peace to all,
This sad news was circulated last Friday among the American Lancia Club. As a long-time member of the ALC as well as the AROC, he is mourned by lancisti too.
I'll miss seeing Ed arrive at future conventions in his Giuliettas, for sure. Ya' gotta admire a couple who drive from New Mexico to Nashville in a Giulietta Spider, in the summer! Maybe even more, I'll miss his great sense of humor. When he was the AROC leader supremo, I always looked forward to his column in the Owner, which was sure to contain a few subtle (or not so subtle) zingers. Since Nancy shared his wit, I hope she will be able to attend some of the future conventions and keep the tradition alive. God speed, Ed.
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