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SA Hoods

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I really, really like the NACA (or at least that's what they look like to me) hood scoops on the SA '6's (and conversely I'd love to get rid of my US spec "tea tray"), so a question: will the hood from an SA (as in South Africa) GTV6 (assumed to be a 3.0L) fit a US spec, but now also a 3.0L, GTV6? without modification to either body or hood? with modification and if so what/how much.

and if doable, what is the going price for a hood, with shipping to New York, New York, and from where (SA or the states or somewhere else)?

of have I missed an entire thread devoted to this?

pm or respond respond here.
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i too love them,
there are a few people who make fibreglass ones in SA, best to get on the gtv6 forum and ask there, the likes of 'kevin' will know where to get one.
cheers, brad

As far as I am aware, you do not require any mods but remember you might struggle to get hold of the small black grille/vent at the front. Kevin indeed may have some. The main reason why the SA hood is raised so much is for clearance of the huge air filter for the 6 Dellortos - photo below. The NACA stye air duct is a dead end and does NOT feed air to the filter. There is no height difference between the standard 3.0 and 2.5 engines. (The South African 3.0 GTV6 uses a slightly different cylinder heads with integral intake manifold for the Dellortos taken from the Alfa Sei sedan).

Without air filter and carbs with a standard 2.5 GT6 alongside for comparison - we do aim to please :)

Complete set up

The original hoods do not "lie" completely flat at the front ie they are almost slightly convex at the front so not cosmetically 100% perfect - I can only speak re the originals - I have one of the original cars and several have passed through my mechanic's hands over the last 10 years.

You can source them from Bob Wright - he sells the hood for around £200 with no VAT but their shipping costs to the US might be prohibitive. The other way of doing is is to order the same panel via Highwood or Alfaholics who will no doubt have access to much lower shipping but may include their own mark up. I assume international orders would be UK VAT free.

Spoke to Bob's wife and I suggest you email them via the above website for a shipping quote as they will need your full address.


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