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S4 Spider on the Cover of Eastwood

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Got my Eastwood Tool catalog today and there was the left flank of a nice red series 4 Spider on the cover. Along with the left flank of a skinny model looking into the engine compartment, another rarity for Eastwood. She's quite decently clothed though and there are no pinstripes or airbrushed flames on the Spider that I can tell.

Good restoration products, a tad expensive but a lot of stuff that's hard to find anywhere else. Unfortunately, they don't have the new catalog cover up on their website yet and I'm not set up for scanning but you could always order a catalog. No interest other than a satisfied customer.

Eastwood Company: Auto Tools, Body Repair, Classic Car Restoration, House of Kolor Paint, Powder Coating
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OK were you more excited by the Spider or the "skinny model":D?
Haven't gotten a catalog yet, but now I'll be on the lookout... :)

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Yeah, the catalog was in my mail today. First thing I noticed was the spider. (It's not a very flattering shot of the young lady.) I guess it's nice that they don't try to upstage the Alfa with a "babe." But then again....
Got my copy yesterday as well, and was surprised to see an import, much less an Alfa, on the cover. Very rare for Eastwood. I've been buying restoration stuff from them for more than 15 years, always satisfied. Sometimes you can find the same bits locally (like the 3M supplies) for a little less, but usually the prices are fair (definitely more affordable than Griot's, but I buy a few things from them too).
I noticed it appears to be a European spider. Note the side marker light behind the front tire.
I noticed it appears to be a European spider. Note the side marker light behind the front tire.
Sharp eye! You are right!

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nice girl on the cover as well.

sharp car too.
It's not a very flattering shot of the young lady ....
:mad:I agree but :cool:I did manage to get in touch with the Eastwood photographer and he did send me a publicity shot of the model. lgbalfa knows how to call out a looker :rolleyes:.

Eastwood's Catalog Online


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Ok, so I ordered the catalog and waited about 2 weeks. It got here today, somebody must like ALFAs more than me in my building, because they ripped off and took the cover along with the next page, back cover still attached.:mad: Just ordered another one.
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