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S4 Spider Elec Window

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There is some great topics on this subject - very helpfull thanks!

I was just wandering whether anyone has replaced the cable? If so what have you used as a stopper on the end of the cable to keep it from coming out of the reel. I have been looking for something suitable without any luck.

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Looks like a new regulator then?
I have not replaced the cable on mine. And without having pulled it all apart...I don't know how the cable is attached to the reel...but the cable doesn't come loose.

Centerline sells new regulators of another style...just fyi. When the original setup is working as it should...there are stoppers attached to the glass and the door frame that meet. These limit the travel of the glass and stop the regulator. If you have a free end of cable hanging loose....then its time to pull it all apart.

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John M
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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