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Dear all,

i have a question that is bothering me for some time now;

in next winter season my 1981 spider will go under some restoration
the seats will have to be refurbished, and i am wondering now what should i do:

1.have an offer for s3 seats (expensive (600eur) the state of them is too good for refurbishing but still not so good that i could just put them in)

2. i try to make s3 type of my normal s2
-has anyone ever done this?
-is there maybe a how to already made (tried searching a lot, no resoults)
-as i believe the metal base is the same, so it could be done?

I think I will get much better drive position with s3 type of seats as upper part of legs is supported and the buttocks and lower back is more in place there. I have a problem with my current seats on long runs and have to tie a long sleeve around the seat to give me some support for lower back.
Also it seems I cannot sit myself correctly into them because of the shape of the seat.

I know I will lose some “originality” with s3, but I am willing to sacrifice that (and to be honest I believe it will look better with s3) on the other hand I could keep s2 as spare if I buy the extra s3, but the cost for new ones and refurbish will be probably round 1000eur, which is just too much…

So, what are your thoughts on that?

Thank you and best regards from Slovenia

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