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Greetings -

I am planning a restoration of my 86 Quadrifoglio with 17000 miles. No rust whatsoever - I know, I am fortunate.. The car is all stock with the exception of a new Nardi wheel with matching shift knob and emergency brake handle.

I will re-shoot the original Rosso Alfa (503 ?) and I am in the process of ordering new badges, outside door handles and new chrome retaining rings for the headlights. My question is this - I currently have the body painted electric exterior mirrors which look/operate just fine. I was interested though in possibly changing them out for new older style chrome type mirrors. has anyone had expereince with doing this ? Can anyone suggest a high quality piece that might be a direct fit w/o the need for modification ?

I would like to add some additional chrome to her and I am not too concerned about originality as I do not plan on selling her. I have seen in other threads where the S2's and the like had the round chrome mirrors with the "Alfa" name stamped on the backside. Those, if available, might do the trick.

I am looking for new or excellent condition pieces only.

Many thanks in advance!!! You're a great bunch

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