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I'm at work(!) and car's at home, so am doing this by memory ....

The tail light assembly consists of three separate lenses, the middle of which locks the other two in place.

[Optional] Remove the entire tail light assembly

This may not be necessary, but including this info based on my experiences at the local Pick'n'Pull.
  1. Remove the 4 nuts which attach the assembly to the frame. (On the driver's side assembly the two nuts closest to gas fill tube are a bit of pain to access.)
  2. Disconnect cables. (I recall a ground cable screwed to the frame.)
Remove the lenses
  1. Remove the middle lens by carefully undoing its 4 retaining tubes, which are the long plastic tubes jutting out the rear of the assembly, that attach to screws set into the lens. Be careful, they're fragile.
  2. Once the key middle lens is out, the other two lenses just pop out. Take care as there are lips on both sides of these lenses. You might need to give each a gentle whack in order to dislodge it.
Repeating general advice offered by others - you might want to take this opportunity to clean up the the ground connections.
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