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S&J Milano Alfetta based kit car Dellordto twin FS (UK - North)

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Rare kit car now for sale, Its got a hell of a lot of performance and styling potential. However i have got too much else to do and pay for so it must go sadly after much pondering. If you are intersted PM me. :) Its currently on ebay, i'll send you details.
Theres a few alinks to pictures on there, hope people dont mind. cheers

Balls i spelt dellorto wrong!! :-[ :D
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Bump!!! It runs out Sunday! :O biddy bid bid bid! :D

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Had a buy it now request from a chap i know, :eek: he wants the engine for a project, unless he throws loads of money at me, i'm gonna keep the auction running till the end tomorrow (Sunday) night. hope someone chucks some bids in soon or i'll be a nervous wreck! :D
Don't take this the wrong way, old chap, but if some one has made you an offer involving certifiable cash, you shoud take take take it!

All in fun.

Something equally 'comical' was mentioned in my thread in the Alfetta board on here! :p :D

One thing is, kit car builders seem to have a crazy imagination. If it was my only project I'd be able to make it pretty. ;)

A few bids on there now so i'm chilling out! :D
heres something i found in the 'completed's...

Heres one that sold earlier :O £252!

Give me a F, Give me a U, Give me a G... etc




Awesome, I quite like it! Doh!!!

Find KIT CAR KITCAR ELECTRIC UNFINISHED PROJECT BARGIN on eBay within, Kit Cars, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 04-Nov-07 12:50:19 GMT)
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In case anyone is interested, i'm the original builder of the white milano in the pics...
Very cool cars. Styling is always a matter of personal preference, but the coolness factor of a convertible 116 chassis can not be denied.

Greg Gordon,

Kevrus. niceone that white one looks neat. :cool:

I had noone interested, well two people but bidding went nowhere. Infact I lost money but it had to go the space was needed and I wanted to give Alfa or kit car fans the chance to finish it. Not even the guy who was interested in buying for the engine was serious or he would have got back in contact or bid. :(:(:(

Surprising really, I gave it the best chance, but sadly the lad who bought it only did so for the carbs and any other wee bits. I'll know better next time. :(
S&J Milano

I'm the current owner of the white and best Milano. I've owned a few kit cars and credit to kevrus this is the best. I had it at national alpha when those photos were taken. It's on the road, might consider selling if any one interested, be a great drive to the celebrations in Italy.
Sadly, I cannot see the older pics: can someone help?

I'm the new owner of YAJ590T, who is now residing with me in France. Please contact me if you have any info about those cars! I'm searching other owners (I've already find one and identified 6 different cars) and the S&J company history.

My email:
Sanvinmouton (at) orange (dot) fr

Very pleasant car to drive, and the peace of mind for rust: perfect!
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