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***Update ,

I am moving and cannot take this stuff with me. I’m willing to sell the cams/pistons as a package deal . Trying to help my fellow Alfa guys here. These are used parts in near excellent condition.

Also have a near full running 2.5 V6 over in this section :

Now that my 3.0 engine is sold, the only thing remaining is a few parts.

I have a set of S cams. From a good source, they are actually said to be the “euro” version S cams. The lobes appear to be in great shape. These have never personally been in my car, I only unwrapped them to get pictures. They were going to be used in my 3.0 but I never got around to building it, and since have sold it.

Also have S pistons w/ connecting rods in very good shape as well. If you don’t want the connecting rods, I can disassemble.

I have the block and piston liners these pistons come out of, so I can also offer the piston liners or whole block as well in this purchase.

I am asking $300 + shipping for the cam/pistons
**If you are able to local pick up, I will include the block for free.

Located in Maryland

Thanks for looking

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If you can part it I need a 164 crank pulley. Most people buying 3.0 164 motors don't use them.


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