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S cams and S pistons

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***Update ,

I am moving and cannot take this stuff with me. I’m willing to sell the cams/pistons as a package deal . Trying to help my fellow Alfa guys here. These are used parts in near excellent condition.

Also have a near full running 2.5 V6 over in this section :

Now that my 3.0 engine is sold, the only thing remaining is a few parts.

I have a set of S cams. From a good source, they are actually said to be the “euro” version S cams. The lobes appear to be in great shape. These have never personally been in my car, I only unwrapped them to get pictures. They were going to be used in my 3.0 but I never got around to building it, and since have sold it.

Also have S pistons w/ connecting rods in very good shape as well. If you don’t want the connecting rods, I can disassemble.

I have the block and piston liners these pistons come out of, so I can also offer the piston liners or whole block as well in this purchase.

I am asking $300 + shipping for the cam/pistons
**If you are able to local pick up, I will include the block for free.

Located in Maryland

Thanks for looking
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I am interested in the parts and send me a PM for the total price which includes shipping to Gardena, CA 90248.
If you can part it I need a 164 crank pulley. Most people buying 3.0 164 motors don't use them.


Still available. Moving all my busso parts.
Hey Sam, let me know if you still have the piston liners and their condition. Thanks!
If Mike164S doesn't take them I'm also interested.
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