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SCAT production before the First World War:
1906 12/16hp 2724cc > 1910 15/20hp 2951cc
1907 16/20hp 3190cc
1907 22/32hp 3770cc > 1910 22/32hp 4398cc > 1912 25/35hp 4712cc
1912 60/75hp 6285cc
1914 12/18hp 2120cc
1915 18/30hp 3563cc

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Here is a brief listing about what I have collected thus far in the computer about each of the known SCAT cars. More can be added to the listing even now but my files are two-hours drive away. Obviously, there is the possibility of some duplication in this listing as not enough is known about each of the cars.
I try to do a review of the survived SCAT list:

1.A "1906 SCAT" has been in England for many years.
A "1907 SCAT" has been in England for many years.
Maybe they are the same car:
SCAT 16/20 hp 1907. 3190 cc.
I don't know where is it now.
2.A "1908 SCAT 15/20HP" in the Nicolis Museum.
SCAT 15/20 hp of Nicolis Museum 1908, Torpedo body by Munroe & Sons of Melbourne.
3.A "1910" "22/32HP" chassis with engine and gearbox N. 56 is in the Biscaretti museum in Torino.
Picture below (first).

4.A similar "1910 22/32HP" (chassis n.54?) is in Italy (Orosei), with plate "63 1639".
Picture below (second).

5.A "1910 Tourer N. 105" was auctioned 1990 by Sotheby's in Melbourne, Australia.
Misterious one, maybe this:
SCAT 16/20 hp 1908 of Eric Kavanagh.
6.A "1912 SCAT 15/20 HP Torpedo from "Museo Militare della Cecchignola in Roma", now with Epocamen.

7.A "1912/1914 (?) SCAT 25/35 HP Landaulet from "Museo Militare della Cecchignola in Roma", now with Epocamen.

8.A "1913 Sport Tourer" was auctioned 1974 in California.
Plate "SV 5555" (UK).
Picture below (third).

9.A "1914" 18HP torpedo Solaro (Tipo 14-1 N. 2878, motore N. 182) is in the Museo Quattroruote at Rozzano near Milan.
SCAT 14/1 1914 in the Quattroruote Collection, Torpedo body by Solaro. 3563 cc.
10.A "Tipo 22-5 N. 4019 (aka 30-40HP) was in Australia as of a few years ago.
Misterious one.

11.Epocamen's 20/30HP Torpedo Locati&Viarengo (year?).

12.A "1917" (year uncertain) car was owned by the grandfather of a guy I've corresponded with in Norway. There is no indication that the car still exists.

So at least 11 existing pre-war SCAT.
What do you think?


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Here a picture of another SCAT a 4,4 l 22 Hp car dated 1914. The car have swiss plates.
This car drove the Austrian Alpenfahrt 2010 a centenary of the Austrian Alpenfahrt 1910 without any problems. 870 km from Vienna over the steepest alpine passes back to Vienna. The 2011 centenary will have 1200 km as 100 years before. Only for cars up to 1918. The red Nazarro in the picture 14 with the SCAT also made this Alpenfahrt, but drove from Engalnd and back on road.
SV 5555 has car number 1505 and engine number n259.
Kavanaghs 16/20 two seater has engine number 53.
There should be an 1907 Roi de Belges 16/20 plate SV 6273 with car number 102 and engine number 55 and a 1907 16720 tourer in Ireland engine number 62

Sorry cant get the picture in this post, but car is similar to car in tread 20.
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