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S-4 Spider Fuel Line Warning

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The fuel lines from the tank to the fuel pump run through the passenger compartment on our S-4 Spiders. To find out more go here :
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Meh - gotta die from something.

Hell, in the Milano the fuel lines run through the cabin front to rear. Spider's not half bad compared to that.
Yup, if you gotta die anyway, might as well be in agony as you figure out too late that your seatbelt latch is frozen and you're going to sit there and burn for the duration. (but hey, mabe you'll get lucky and the fire will be intense enough to consume all the oxygen allowing you to pass out as you roast....)

Right up there with falling off a medium high cliff into water with enough impact to break most every bone in your body, but not kill you outright (didja know that water is harder than concrete when impacted 'at speed'? Yup: there's air pockets in concrete making for an actual sponginess, but not in water. Hit that hard enough and you just bust open like a grape) then drown because nothing works anymore.

If I gotta and I got a choice, 'straining at stool' always struck me as amusing. (hell, you're gonna crap the bed anyway even if it is in your sleep, so you might as well skip the obvious steps and cut straight to the chase :D )
Delightful. Simply delightful. Just the way I wanted to start my Saturday morning. Think I'll go watch the end of Braveheart now.
If I gotta and I got a choice...
My plan is to live a healthy life to about age 92 then be shot by a jealous husband.

I'll be content if I make 50, and likely pretty put out if I have to hang around into my 60's.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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