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In an effort to free up some space, I am selling my '91 164L...

It basically was my winter driver for the last couple years but since I have bought another Q and acquired a Dodge Stratus, I really don't have the space for all 4 cars and something needs to go ASAP!

Ideally this is a great parts car...

Here's the basic run down:

The car runs strong, but recently the brake lines corroded and need to be replaced. A year or so ago the muffler came off and when I noticed I got better gas mileage without it, I simply left it off. I recently replaced the blower motor and 2 of the 4 shocks. Additionally, the tires were replaced a couple thousand miles ago and are under warranty from NTB. The clearcoat is peeling in some places and there is some rust.

Rather than invest more time and money to keep this as secondary vehicle, I have decided to focus my attention on my newest Q.

The car is located in Lombard and not far from Besic Motor Sports who could replace the brake lines if someone was interested in purchasing the car and driving off with it, otherwise it should be towed...

I do know a couple drivers (one local and one who goes frequently from Chicago to the west coast) who might be able to offer a bargain.

Please call 708.692.8109 for more details.


'95 164 Q white
'95 164 Q black
'91 164 L red
'99 Dodge Stratus black
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