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I have put together a list of useful links for the roundtail spider, all culled from the entire Spider BB. I hope it is useful for someone else. There are a lot of gems hidden in the 5 years of posting. To follow are lists of links organized by topic.

It has a few links from other BBs, but I have not systematically gone through the other boards. Expect updates as I do so.

Help is welcome also.

PM me with any additional useful forum post links, I will try and keep this updated.

59 Posts

59 Posts
Part 2 - Suspension, Steering & Engine

Suspension and Steering

Control arm cap removal, upper link arm bushing old vs. new
Which bushings, links are highest priority.

Replacing rear limit straps and an Aussie source for replacements for those in Oz.
Removing trailing arm bushings
Rear spring sources – 69 spider
Which bushings, links are highest priority.

Replace Burman box seal – in situ
Burman steering box internals
Burman steering box internals, possible source new casting
Tips on steering box seal replacement, and type of seals found
Spacers for Burman box mounting to body, official Alfa instructions.
Steering column length, st. wheels different 66-69

Tires and wheels
Source of 165R14 tires
Wheel weight comparison, steering feel between orig. with XZX and Sumitomo HTR400
Front and rear wheel bearing and seal part numbers – Timken


Spica / Fuel Injection System
Eloquent take on Spica vs. Webers on 69 1750
Cold start solenoid theory
Replacing thermostatic actuator
Very 69 specific Spica pictures explaining workings of fuel cutoff mechanism and mixture screw.
Making a dummy thermostatic actuator
If your reference screw on Spica is obviously mucked with, how to get it close.
Spica air box end cap gasket source
Spica air box paint source.

Eloquent take on Spica vs. Webers on 69 1750
Difference between 69 1750 and 71 1750 airbox
Carb airboxes
Air intake gasket 67
Weber setup
Weber conversion

Cooling System
Bypass valve, link to cooling system theory
Thermostat, picture of correct geometry

Adjusting and checking valve clearance
Unleaded fuel compatibility with Alfas
Spin-on oil filter conversion
Head gaskets, sealants, o-rings and spirol pins
Replacing pistons/liners/rings in car from the top
Piston markings and orientation
Best way to remove canister oil filter (no conclusion).
Head re torque recommendations
Proper oil pressure
Replace your yellowed fan or else
Header options for 69
Tach drive seal and gasket
Removing stuck cylinder head
Removing pins from oil passages to head
Homemade valve spring compressor
Cool shop-made cam turning tool
Converting 1600 to 1750 or 2000.
Oil filter canister construction
Oil vapor separator, construction and cleaning.
Engine removal advice
Pan guards pro and con

Engine Electrical
Electronic ignition conversion
Electronic ignition conversion
Yet another electronic ignition discussion, mostly MSD, Crane.
Starter part number (both 67 and 69)
Starters for Duetto vs. 1750
Distributor advance springs

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59 Posts
Part 4 - Exterior


Vent window latches
Vent window latch gluing
Vent window latches
Door limit strap replacements
Inside door – bit and pieces – where things go.
Refurbishing door latches (fixed portion on jamb).
Window winder cable routing

Under Hood (body and electrical)
Under hood light and wire routing – 1969
Under hood (bonnet) light – change from metal/plastic to all plastic in 69.
Details on firewall holes/grommets and what routes where (69)
Pedal box holes / plugs? Splash guard in fenders - fitting. Grommet for brake lines.

69 rear badges/insignia
Trunk lid holes and badging for 1969.
Rear trunk lid hinges and springs
Location of paint sticker in trunk
Jack clamp in trunk
Strap in trunk for tool kit
Strap to hold tool kit in trunk
Repro Battaini jack top cover and button

Converting to headlight covers
Headlight rims for Euro, no covers
Everything you wanted to know about headlight covers (and why you don't really want to mess with your spider's originality.)
Repro vs. original license plate lights.
Reproduction 69 side marker lens source and easy replacement method.

Convertible top
Who and who not to buy convertible top (UK: hood)
More on Duetto Motors tops
Tips on replacing studs for top
Measurement of windshield opening, front top bow attachment hardware.
Top frame: shiny or matte?
69 convertible top installation
Rivnuts for top attachment.
Top, floating bow, plastic piece at side window
Some installation pictures, not definitive.
Short top trouble
More short top troubles
Duetto front bow and seal configuration
More on floating bow, bushings, straps for conv. top.
Swiveling link on sides of convertible top mechanism
Rear drape installation, construction and tensioning cable routing for top
Best scratch removers, polish for plastic window
Interior top handle 69

General Exterior
Wiper cowl removal, rear view mirror cleaning tips
Attaching badge to grille
Wiper arms series 1... what is correct?
Cromodora Daytona 5 spoke colors
Good comparison of Cromodoras with later Campy 5 spoke alloys
Cromodora wheels center caps sources.
Correct hubcaps 69 Spider vs. GTV
Mirrors, which is correct
Mirrors and location – 66-67
Duetto hard top attachment
Duetto hard top hardware and restoration
Chrome deck trim pieces that also hold hard top and top boot.
Duetto front bumper mounting details
Gaskets under badges, headlight rims, door handles? No conclusive answers.
Yes, front grille has black molding/gasket but headlight rings do not.
Pininfarina badge source, correct appearance.

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Part 5 - Body, Interior and Restoration

Body repair

Measurement of windshield opening, front top bow attachment hardware.
Holes in floor, are they original?
Floor pan recommendations
Body alignment specs – 69
Cowl clips / trim clips installed before windshield.
Fixed seat rail (welded to floor) source.
Wooden dolly for restoration
Wiper cowl removal, rear view mirror cleaning tips
Treatment of underside / removing undercoating
Nose bump and rocker seams
Rocker panel seams do not show
Rocker/sill cross section of Duetto (in thread)


Cleaning interior rear view mirror.
Cleaning guages interior, wire harness tape source and methods, Mostre information
Fogging guages
Magic eraser for vinyl cleaning

Inner workings of seat hinges
Correct seat bottoms for 69 – diagonal seams or not, that is the question...
Re-originals seat covers installed.
Seat bottom cover replacement and construction of the cushion
Seat back style
Seat bottom foam and disassembly of seat back
Pads (rubber/plastic) for seatback latch

Seat belt source (3pt for S1, S2) (non original)
3-pt seat belt installation, not entirely conclusive.
More on 3-pt belts
Seat belts
Seat belts

Stop pins from rotating fix for sunvisor hinges
Interior switch layout, 1600, 1300jr, 1750 (S1)
Routing defrost hoses
Headlight stalk/switch rebuilding
Door panel metal clips
Picture of original 1969 glove box tab. Badly foreshortened, too much contrast, cannot make out the shape of the depressed or raised portion.
66 glove box door lock pictures
Replacing window winder handle (how to get the clip on) and source for door panel screws
Archeology on the rear parcel shelf “seat”
Differences between 67/69 dashes
Center tunnel carpet pictures, suppliers
Inside door panel attachment. Clips, screws – both or just clips?
66-67 chromed rearview mirror (interior).
Steering wheel removal
Turn signal cancellation mechanism.
Turn signal switch spring
Emergency brake handle and mechanism
Removing heater box
Heater box restoration
Definitive 69 tool kit thread
Cleanest (restored) tool kit ever seen
Ash tray light and mechanism
Ash tray pod restoration - 69
Leather steering wheel covers. Picture of a 67 in red.
Alternatives for floor sound deadening
Padding from factory under mats
Ignition and door key blanks and correct shape/style
Removing 67 shift knob


Manuals and literature
Decals, one possible source
Label locations on a 69, looks like euro version – not necessarily correct.
General spider underhood stickers
69 stickers underhood
The definitive 69 stickers thread
69 Airbox FISPA stamping details
Comparative value of all round tail spiders.
Detailing differences between Duetto and 1750. Read all the way to the end to catch all the corrections.
Group critique of correctness
Roundtail picture collection

Electroplating finishes
Home zinc plating and chrome trim repair - taillights
Preparing for complete restoration
Polishing stainless steel bumpers

AR 514 is it Alfa Rosso or Farina Red?
Yet another red color thread – c-9068, which red?
How red is your red, or where is Montecatini?

Engine numbers vs. year of 1750 engine
Numbers produced by year, 1750 105.62
Spica air box paint source.
Exhaust heat shield discussion

That's all for now.

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Wow ...

With a stripped down original '67 in my garage patiently waiting it's turn, I'm delighted with your effort!!:eek:

Many thanks!!:D:D

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WOW Harold, that's great!! Thanks for putting this together!! Now we should find a way to keep it up to date somehow
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Well done, thanks. Also, there is a register with more than 1300 Duettos on the internet since 1995.

Alfa Romeo Spider Register by Wille R.

Please help to keep the register up dated. Thanks.

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Harold, great work here bring it all together for us "roundies". At the risk of being called "elitist" again, roundies rule!

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Thank you for all the efforts and time spent putting this together. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
What can we do to help out with keeping it updated? Are you going to put it on any other sites? This could be a great tool to bring more alfa owners to our BB.
Thanks again.
Captain Jim

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After fooling around with British and a bit of German for many years, there is an Alfa coming my way.... Hasn't run in 20 years or more, a conglomeration of '67 and '69 (?) parts, and me with no experience working with Alfas at all, let alone roundtails (so it's not boat tail ever?), only wanting one. Probably a nightmare, a huge mistake getting rid of the familiar and taking the leap..... But found this thread and it is AWESOME! An overused word, I know - but it fits here!

I'll know more when I get the whole lot home and go through everything. I have a lot to learn and it will be a very slow process, but it's nice to have a place to start! Thanks!
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