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rota rims

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Just bought a sweet set of rota rims for my 89 quad. the rims are 4x108 15"x7 with a 30 offset. I have original (phone dial) 15inch rims on now. My question is tire size. Im running 205/50/r15 on the original rims now, will these tires (specs) fit my new rims without having a clearence issue? or should i drop it down to a 195/50/r15?

Pics to come once rims are installed.;)

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I am running 195/55/15 on mine and don't have an issue, I have spacers on the back, and if I completely fill my trunk with crap (luggage) and a full tank of gas, it will rub a little over large bumps, so without the spacers I think you would be fine, I don't rub on the front at all.
Awesome. Thanks I should be fine with the 205/50/r15. Just purchased a set of dunlops. I can't wait to put the new shoes on my baby.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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