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For sale are this set of wheels/tires:

4 x Ronal R41 wheels, in silver
16"x7.5", 5x98 bolt pattern
One of the wheels is structurally perfect, but has some very minor curb damage. See bottom of wheel on second picture.
The other three wheels are cosmetically and structurally perfect.
R41 Silver | Ronal Light Alloy Wheels

4 x Falken ZIEX ZE-912 tires:
Mounted on the above wheels
205/45R16 in the front, 225/50R16 in the rear
Lots of tread life left
Tires - ZIEX ZE-912 - Falken Tire

Will fit some Alfa Romeos, possibly other makes/models as well. Came from an Alfa Romeo GTV6.




1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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