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I've got a set of 14" Ronal A1 wheels I will be installing on my '76 Sud berlina. I will be running 195/55/14 Toyo T1-Rs which are just a bit too wide to fit correctly (you can't find decent performance tires in the original 185/60/14 anymore).

The 14" Ronal A1s have the same 42mm offset that is standard for the Sud. So I will have to use a spacer to get the wheel far enough away from the rear sway bar so it won't rub.

I don't like the shallow-dish look of the 14" Ronal. I've found pics of the 13" and 15" Ronal A1 and they seem to be dished much deeper and probably have a better offset. Does anyone know exactly how deep the "dish" is on the 15" and 13" wheel? This would be measured from the "phone dial" face to the inner lip of the wheel. Here are some pics to show you what I'm talking about:


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