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Roll Cage For Milano

First of all, sorry for the delay in response to this email.

I noticed that a few yeas back. At one time I was thinking about converting my Milano to full race. The AROSC Competition Code was last updated in 1994. Some things may have changed in regards to roll cage specs.

The Autopower roll cages are in most part SCCA approved. In my opinion, if it's under AROSC spec, but meets SCCA rules, I don't see why they won't accept it. I am thinking that those specs relate more to custom fabricated roll cages. Your best bet is to contact the AROSC Competition Director, Doug Bender. His email address is [email protected]

As for cages made in Europe...You would have to check and see what the specs are. If they are less than what is required for ARSOC, can they still be used? They do meet FIA approval. Then again, AROSC is not FIA or SCCA so, they may not accept it because of insurance purposes.

Email Doug for the best possible answer. If he is an member, hopefully he will reply to this thread.

PS: Have you gotten any quotes for a custom made roll cage? If you think of the cost to buy it, ship, it, and install it you are almost at the cost of a custom made one. In many cases within $500. The advantage to a custom made cage is that it will fit more snug than a pre-fabed one AND you can put the bars where you want them
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