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I'm certainly not a cage designer, but I suspect the subject is a lot more complicated than is suggested by this thread. The reason to mount the seat to the cage is so you move with the "capsule" that is trying to protect you. Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? But if your seat is mounted to the floor structure, and the floor is properly tied into the frame, you would accomplish the same thing. In this case, the floor becomes part of the cage.

What is equally important is ensuring that your seat BELT mounts move with the seat and the cage. Nothing like having your own harness decapitate you! Also, I routinely see Alfas coupes with the shoulder harness mounted to the rear floor or rear shelf. This leaves you with a very long strap that is often at a sharp angle toward the floor. The longer the strap is, the more it will stretch. And if it angled down behind your shoulders, it will compress your spine in a frontal collision.

Finally, I hope everyone who races their Alfa will consider getting a HANS or similar device. I didn't see the value until I destroyed my car in a frontal collision. I had some serious whiplash. But I was lucky. I could have become another Dale Earnhardt just as easily. I'm sure I now sound like an ex-smoker who has "seen the light". But I'd hate to see any of my friends hurt or killed doing what we love. For what it's worth, the HANS took a little getting used to. But after a few sessions on track, you won't even know it's there.

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