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Is anyone racing at the July vintage event at Road America? (used to be the BRIC, now I have no idea) I'm taking my 10 year old grandson for his first racing experience. He's an enthusiast, or as much as you can be at that age, with lot's of interesting cars in his family.
If you're going to be there, we'd love to stop by for a chat and bring Donovan even closer to the action.

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Here's the entry so far, LOTS of Alfas. My car is always available for young Alfisti "in-car" photos and visiting.
See you soon

45 Nevoral, Barb Confirmed VBS 2 1967 Alfa GTV
50 Besic, Mike Confirmed VDP 2 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto Besic Motorsports
14 Ragonetti, Tom Confirmed VCP 2 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto
25 Della Noce, Fred Confirmed VBS 2 1968 Alfa Romeo GTAm
18 Khan, Sarah Confirmed VBS 2 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV
53 Norman, Jon Confirmed VBS 2 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV
36 Painter, Wil Confirmed VBS 2 1966 Alfa Romeo GTV
65 Pranka, Mike Confirmed VBS 2 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV
136 Recine, Michael Confirmed VBS 2 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV Besic Motorsport
112 Shires, Phil On Hold 2 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV CN Performance
138 Girard, Ken Confirmed VDP 2 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider Besic Motorsport
188 Lay, Kristine Confirmed VCP 2 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider
90 Meskauskas, Rock Confirmed 8 1972 Alfa Romeo Spider
60 Dobbs, Jimmy Confirmed VGP 2 1960 Alfa Romeo Sprint Dobbs Motorsports
88 Ragonetti, Peter Confirmed VBS 2 1966 Alfa Romeo Sprint GT
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