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On offer is a RHD Alfa Romeo 105 GT Junior 1300 smooth nose, exterior colour AR109 - Giallo Ocra, Interior: Tessuto plastificato nero (Black vinyl).

The car was first delivered to London (UK) and then imported to Australia and first registered in 1974 in NSW as a 1971 car while the Alfa Romeo factory build document lists the car was made in March 1972. So listed as a 1971 car by its NSW registration the car can run front seats with out head rests. (In 1972 cars are required to have headrests on the front seats). The car comes with its NSW registration plate. It was last registered in NSW in 1993, so on the road for about 21 years with one owner.

If you would like a copy of the factory build sheet in english and a copy of the vehicle history report from the NSW government Transport road and Marine Services contact me and I can send you a copy.

The 1300 GTj has a tare weight of 960kg so is lighter that the 1750 GTV, 2L GTV and 1600 GT Veloce 1600. One of a couple 105 GT Junior 1300 cars listed on the 105 register in Australia, the last 1972 model listed world wide, so a rare car! If you want to stand out from the 1750 GTVs and 2L GTVs then this is the car for you if you are looking for a restoration project.
The car has some missing parts as listed below: The original engine is not included. Included is a 1300 engine number AR 00530 45***. This engine has the early cartridge oil filter bolted to sided if the block. Missing is the front crank pulley and flywheel and inlet manifold and carbies and distributor. Condition unknown. Stainless: Mostly there, bumper bars are included. Glass: Mostly there, the front windscreen has a stone chip in it. Panels: Maroon boot lid and left door, Giallo Ocra colour right door. The doors are the correct wire action mechanism for the window winders. There is a stepnose bonnet included (no smooth nose bonnet). Gearbox: Is not rebuilt. No clutch master or slave cylinder. Interior: The front seats and the backrest of the rear seat are in poor condition. The base of the rear seat is missing. A 1750 GTV dash is included (no gauges). Headlining is mostly there. Differential: Is not rebuilt. Brakes: Twin brakes lines are all present, no calipers or boosters or master cylinders. Electrical: Wiring is mostly there. No heater box or windscreen wiper motor or controls. Rust: Is present in various places in the car. The floors and sills will need replacing along with the nose. Since the floors will need to be replaced you can replace them with the early floors to suit your stepnose project’s seats.
Accident damage: There is some accident damage at the front. The accident damage has presented the opportunity to back date the car to the stepnose look so selling as stepnose / GTA or GTA-R evocation project. I will include in the sale a step nose bonnet that is Giallo Ocra in colour, matching the original colour of the car.
The car has the potential for various 105 transformation options here are just some in the GTA-R style Completed Restorations | Alfaholics
With so few stepnose cars coming onto the market in some countries doing a backdate on this 1300GTJunior may be an option to consider.
With so many reproduction parts available from various suppliers like Alfaholics to complete the stepnose look Alfaholics Late to Step-front GT Conversion Kit | Alfaholics and supply of GTA-R race parts rebuilding 105 coupes can be achieved to a high standard.
The car's tyres hold air and it can be steered. I can help push the car onto your car trailer. Any questions just ask. Inspections welcome.
If the car is prepared/cleaned for export it may be possible to export the car back to the UK or to other countries.
The engine and gearbox are not in the car.
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