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Hi all,

Being relatively new to the BB, I don't yet know how to duplicate posts in several forums, probably won't ever need to again?

I have just suggested to Simon who initially set up this forum that following the recent superb aviation thread, it maybe time to modify the forum title, this is posted under the general suggestions forum. The text is as follows:

Hello Simon,

This new forum might have seemed unusual just a few months ago but it has already brought out some really interesting posts & photos, including a fascinating & unexpected thread on pre-WW2 Alfa Romeo aircraft engines.

In view of this development, & the untapped rail side of Alfa's heritage, could I suggest that the title is revised to be:

Alfa trucks, buses, marine, aviation, rail & industrial.

This should cover everything non-car, including cookers!

Any comments or support?

Best wishes,

Tony Stevens
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