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Revised location for sedan dinner at Seattle convention:

With the National Convention coming up in the lovely Pacific Northwest we thought it would be a fun idea to put together a side gathering of 750, 101, 105 and 115 sedan owners. We are planning on meeting during the Welcome Party on Friday July 29th at the Double Tree Hotel parking lot.

The idea is to spend some time at the party then gather in the parking lot. Shoot the breeze for a bit. Take a few group photos and then head out across the bridge to Seattle for some beer, snacks, and sedan talk at Nickerson Steet Saloon:
318 Nickerson Street
Seattle Wa 98109
206 284-8819

This is intended to be fairly informal and relaxed; just a nice little showing of sedan muscle to put some fear of God into all the coupe and convertible owners. While sedan owners are of course the truest of Alfisti, we'll gladly welcome anyone else who wants to be seen with the cool people.
We will be posting exact times and directions soon. If you are interested in attending, please email Damian at [email protected] so we can get an idea about how many people are likely to show up. Thanks

Damian Magista

Andrew Watry
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