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Below you see a pic of the rev Counter that is currently installed in my 1967 GTJ 1300. The original one didn't work anymore and I replaced it with the one on the photo back in the 90ies.

It never worked correctly, but I didn't care in those days. Meanwhile I changed my mind concerning that and it took me some time to find the right one.
Finding the correct instrument made me pay attention to a detail that I never took care of...
Actually I wonder why the rev counter in the picture doesn't have the red mark in the range of 6500 to 8000. In the days when I installed it, it was kind of fun for me to glue a red stripe there.

Now I wonder what model was equipped with such a rev counter missing the red mark. My guess is that the intrument was originally installed in a Giulia Sprint GT, or GTC or GTA.
I am curious to learn more about that.

Best regards


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