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I’m using the early information concerning this race car as it was furnished to me by previous owners. I'd love to hear corrections or additional information or photos from previous owners or fans! Any errors are mine and mine alone.

In the beginning, from Alfa Romeo Automobilismo Storico Centro Direzionale…
"According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 2422530 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (105.21), manufactured on the 28th August 1971 and sold on the 30th August 1971 to Alfa Romeo Holland."

As far as I know the car was quickly stripped out of it’s street configuration and immediately race prepared by Savali . Sponsored by the Sam Van Lingen dealership, the car was raced in the Dutch Touring Car Series that year.
In 1973 the Sam van Lingen dealership asked Hans Deen to run the car in three races in the Group1 race class. In November of that year, at the end of the season, Mr. Deen had the opportunity to buy the car, due to a sponsorship deal with the Nederlandsche Middenstand Bank (NMB).
In 1974, Mr. Deen drove every race in the Dutch Touring Car Series, winning a number of races, often setting the fastest laps in both qualifying and during the race. By the end of the season, Mr. Deen had won the Group 1 Class Championship in the Dutch Touring Car Series in this Alfa Romeo GT 2000 Veloce. Later that year Mr. Deen along with additional co-drivers Hans Akersloot and Han Tjan entered the car in the 24hours race at Spa-Francorchamps but unfortunately didn’t finish because of a crash. The car was also entered in various touring car races in England at the Brands Hatch circuit.
In March 1975 the car was sold to Bob van der Well from Heemskerk, The Netherlands.
It then went to Paul Aardse. At that time the car was white but still had the Deen car's graphics on the roof. Mr. Aardse raced the car all over Europe including at Paul Ricard (France), Nurburgring (Germany), Silverstone (GB), Zolder (Belgium), etc. Competing in the Historical Touring Car class. Mr. Aardse is believed to have owned the car for around 10yrs. The car was also occasionally driven by Ron Verzijlbergen. Mr Aardse did a lot of work on the body of the car (!!!), and also changed to color to red. According to Ron Verzijlbergen, the car was sold to Onno Vlaanderen, who painted the nose white in a checkerboard pattern. He also owned the car for about 10 years, in those years he successfully competed in the Dutch Alfa Romeo Trofeo-series including two championships in the 2000 cc class in the Alfa Romeo Challenge.
Mr. Wolter Gratama recalled that he purchased the car in 2000, from Dutch racecar driver and mechanic Ron Verzijlbergen who confirmed that this was the car in which Hans Deen won the Dutch Group1 championship in 1974. . He also owned the car for about 10 years. In those years he successfully competed in the Dutch Alfa Romeo Trofeo-series. Mr. Gratama also competed in other racing series like NK Youngtimers and the NK HTGT, which is the Dutch Championship (NK) of Historic Touring Cars and GT’s. He raced in the NK HTGT on various European tracks, i.e. Zandvoort (NL), Assen(NL), Nürburgring(Germany), and won the Championship in NKHTGT Class G with this Alfa 2000GTV. Mr. Gratama also won the “Spettacolo Sportivo” overall in 2006. It’s the biggest exclusively Alfa Romeo event in Europe. He changed the Alfa’s color to red with a blue nose
The car was next sold in 2010 to Jan Slinger who partially restored the car and raced it in many local events.
The car was then bought in 2012 by Tom Farrington, who had the car shipped to California, completely stripped, rebuilt and restored into it’s well known NMB livery, as raced by Hans Deen to the Championship in the 1974 Dutch Touring Car Series.
The car has official FIA papers, the so called HTP issued by the KNAF, so the car meets the homologation standards which are required by the NK HTGT class G and every Dutch Historic and European Championship.

Car as currently vintage raced by Tom Farrington

Team NMB with Hans Deen and the GTV, 1974

Starting Grid, Zandvoort 1974

The following few are Hans Deen racing during the Touring Car series, 1974



Team NMB Poster, 1974

Onno Vlaanderen


Onno Vlaanderen at Spa

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Restoring the car into the Hans Deen NMB livery...

The first photos are of how the car was delivered to me from The Netherlands... after a test day at Willow Springs with Henry Manney IV, I decided to completely go through the car, put it into better racing condition and revive the Hans Deen livery. It was sent to Rex Chalmers shop in Wisconsin for the initial disassembly, then to Stone's Metal Shop in Gardena for body and paint while the motor was being gone through at Engine Machine Shop in Torrance. Final assembly was done at Todd Gerstenberger's shop. Paul Spruell was very helpful with parts and recommendations, Mike Besic did a great job on the trans and rear axle and Joe at Centerline International was great at tracking down hard to find parts. Thanks to all of them!


Traces of white paint were found throughout the car.

The motor has a 1974 serial number and may go back to when raced in 1974.

Goodbye Wisconsin!!!

The car had been raced hard for 40 years and each end had been replaced at one time or another... including the roof!



Stone's did an outstanding job on the body


Initial masking for the stripes and graphics...

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Wow, cool history, and great pictures - both past and present. Thank you for sharing. I really like first gen Capris, so the vintage team pics are a bonus.

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I’ll match that ‘wow’ and throw in a ‘teriffic’, for words and pics alike.
Nice work.

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Cool! Mr Deen & Wolter Gratama has visited me various times in my garage In Spain, I know very good Ron Verzijlbergen, what a nice piece of Dutch racing history you have there, Do you know who Patrick Huisman was? He raced in the Squadra Bianca era, I own his race car
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