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Restoring a 2600 spider right ( hand drive) pair

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Hi I have decided to start my 2600 retirement projects early . I have two RHD drive 2600 spiders out of the104 made in 1964

No 1 FPC 66B chassis number 852087 Registered 20/11/1964 . Owned since 2007
No 2 ALY 666B chassis number 852082 Registered 16/07/1964 Purchased this year from Chris Hedley
As photos below
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Mechanical only restorations??


The good news fully rebuilt Bob Dove engine and gearbox see

(19) Alfa 2600 Veloce | Alfa Romeo Forums (

180 BHP ber manifold and currently triple dellortos

The bad news bodywork fully restored in 2000 and holding up well . But paint now generally a mess and needing a full respray . Though it doesn't show in the photo.
Oil leak from gearbox
Dellortos need tuning correctly

The plan - mechanical completion , respray in Aston Blue add wire wheels from ALY666B. As photo

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The good news

Fresh bodywork rebuild including good professional respray
New leather interior , new soft top
Fully rebuilt cylinder head

The bad news

Original engine and un-restored engine bay
Knock from engine and gearbox noise

The plan

Rebuild engine and gearbox and keep car as original as possible -originally red
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Lovely color choice.. Look forward to following the restoration.
Slow progress

I have found my engine restorer is still working and we plan to get the engine to him at the end of February

So first step is bonnet ( hood) off , I have done this twice this year . Both times using the wrong approach, Spending over an hour pulling the split pins and removing the pivot pins on the bonnet hinges , These are pretty inaccessible it was only my son with small fingers who could fiddle the spit pins out .

The right way ( I had forgotten) is to remove the badge from the front grill and then the front grill itself, You then have easy access to the 17mm nuts on the bottom of the bonnet hinge post, to unbolt and lift the bonnet . Takes 5 minutes.

All looks OK , Except that one of the bonnet lift springs has broken its mounts and the mount needs strengthening. All under bonnet fittings look very original , so hopefully it is just clean, polish, paint and replace
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Hi, it's interesting to see that you are rebuilding another 2600 spider. I was going to contact you for advice on suitable suppliers.
My pale yellow spider is now due a makeover. It has only covered 36,000 miles and still runs well but all of the oil seals now leak - engine, gearbox and axle plus second gear crunches (has done for at least 25 years). Bodywork needs some attention - front and rear valences and sill ends are blistering. I'll probably get the steering box rebuilt by Marles and it makes sense to get the king pins and wishbones rebushed
Hi, I remember you car, from UK 2600 owners meeting a few years ago ( probably more than 10 ) , It is nice low mileage original car . Some of the faults you mention I might say its because its an Alfa!

Is yours Rudspeed conversion from LHD ? , The steering box may not be Alfa

As I have said to all owners if you have any pressurised rubber hoses on your car that have not been changed from new change them now before you suffer a total oil loss. Oil cooler hose and hose to oil pressure gauge and local hydraulic pipe suppliers should be able to make replicas for you.

Send me a pm and I will reply with my email address


Hi Ian. That's the one - A Ruddspeed conversion. I think that Ruddspeed just moved the steering box from the left side of the engine bay - see attached photo
Good point about the hoses.
Oh and I'll probably have the radiator recored
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So you will need a LHD overhaul kit , will be very expensive with Marles , search the bb for steering box overhaul , you start with a circa £900 kit from Brazil

Yes definitely replace the hoses

I have just had a 2600 radiator recored by Viking Radiators cost around £600 but an excellent job

I would also replace that dodgy balance pipe between inlets 2 and 3


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Ian. Easier way to get to the 17mm nuts on the bonnet is up through the vents under the bumper with a couple of 3/8 extention bars. I usually pack my socket out with masking tape to install enough so the nut doesn't drop all the way in the socket.
Engine now out . Lifted in one piece engine /gearbox /carbs /manifolds/gearbox cross member.

At 63 I now spend the shortest amount of time under a car . Lift 18 inches at each end .Wheel myself under on one of those crawler trolleys and stay there while my son passes me tools . All done in an hour

With engine out carbs etc can be stripped from a seated position . Engine No 3 now ready for transport to rebuilder
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You don't hang around! I've just purchased my engine crane. Two questions. Do you disconnect the exhaust manifolds from the head first or the exhausts from the manifold? Second how long is the sling that you use?

I leave the two piece cast exhaust manifold on. Again easier to unbolt from a seat than when in the engine bay.

The sling is believe 1m , which I double up . This is a professionally made certified 2 tonne rated sling. not a piece of rope.

When the full engine is on this sling it can hang at about 45 degrees which is the correct angle to lift out , when high enough the engine is still well balanced so you can lift the gearbox to level it while an assistant rolls the car backwards, don't try and pull an engine around on the crane.

N,B Don't forget to disconnect the engine earth strap , I forgot it broke eventually.

Also cut the rubber pipe to the oil pressure gauge in half it will need repalacing anyway


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Hee Guys,
I like the colour Aston Blue! Is that an original colour? Also for the 2600 Spider? If so code nrs?
Its a modern Aston Martin Blue
Tony looking at the ruddspped steering box photo you posted , the oil filter and right hand engine mount will have to come off to lift the engine and miss the steering box
Tony looking at the ruddspped steering box photo you posted , the oil filter and right hand engine mount will have to come off to lift the engine and miss the steering box
I'll take the carbs off before I remove the engine. Ruddspeed cut off one of the arms of the V bracket that supports the airbox so that the steering shaft can pass through!
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