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Merry Christmas to all, everyone please have a happy and safe holiday.

This is a follow up on my oil filter housing. I am also including some other parts that I have done. Everything was completly taken apart, media blasted, washed out with lots of hot water and soap, ran through my dishwasher ( please note, I am single so I can get away with all sorts of stuff ) blown through with high air pressure, baked in the oven to get all the other crap out of it and then washed and dried again.

I then powder coated the parts, all the silver parts were first done in Hi temp silver and then done with a high gloss clear. The oil filter cannister is bright red, and the valve cover is a red wrinkle finish, front pulley is a black chrome and all the other bits are done in a high gloss black. This is all for a 105 1300 engine. Sort of experimenting before I do my 1750 engine which is the one that I will keep for my 69 Spider.

Thanks, Rick

For some reason I can't load pictures so this post right now is kinda useless, sorry, will try in another post
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