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'Ey dudes,

I have found this old '76 Alfetta GT for $800AU. The car is overall not to bad, yet it is not exactly in its peak condition wise. The engine of the car is excellent! Just needs a little tune up, though the engine housing is excellent and with a bit of working the engine will come out looking like brand new.

The body of the car is the may concern as it has a couple places in which it requires significant rust repair. But we are able to get replacement pannels from this person who has the car now. It is only the fact that it will be a bit of work repairing the rust.

The last remaining issue is the interior, by all means it is the worst factor to the car! It is old ripped and needs repair or removal, the guy has offered us a whole second interior for $100AU but I am wanting to do a custom interior to it, as this car is not a classic like other Alfa Romeo's so I think it would be pretty cool to have your own custom interior as long as it is kept classy.

Any information on where I could find manuals or repair guides or any information what so ever on this model car to be found on the internet would be very much appreciated.

Thankyou very much.

[email protected]
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