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There was a change from short to long wheelbase on Spiders in 1958/59. Greig may chime in and provide the likely VIN range of the change. In general, a US car without vent windows on the doors is SWB; with vents is LWB, but that's not totally definitive. I don't offhand know the dimensions.


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The change was in '59 and while the Factory gave the number as #8000 or #8001, I have heard that it was earlier, but I have no immediate proof of this.

The easiest way to identify a LWB or SWB is by the length of the doors - the quarter light fitment is not 100% reliable as quarter lights were fitted to European spec SWB cars, we have 02806, a '57 SWB with quarter light windows.

The USA spec for 750's is no quarter light windows and that is the predominant view of SWB Spiders that we see. The quarter light (or vent window as some call it), was fitted to the LWB cars as a way of 'balancing out the extra length of the door"

The stretch in the wheelbase was across the ****pit basically Pininfarina added 50mm to the floor pan just behind the A pillars and the length of the doors was increased by 2" or 50mm. 101's have more legroom than 750's

It's all in the doors - the 2 pictures below should be all you need

SWB & LWB Spiders
That Ti


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