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I've tried with no success tried to replace the thermostat in the water rail on my 1600 Sprint, it's the internal one with a Brass nut securing it.
Those that have triumphed with this (should be simple task I thought) please enlighten me of how to do.

Many thanks


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Did it work? If it did, don't remove. If it must be removed, there are going to be some problems.
If only water was used as a coolant, you will have an electrolytic bond between the brass thermostat and cast aluminum water tube. Often you will end up cracking the neck on the water tube with removal. Even without cracking the casting, the threads and inside of the neck may have severe pitting.
I usually resort to HEAT with a cool oxyacetylene torch and heat cool cycles. This will ruin the thermostat. I have also applied careful cutting the thermostat out with a die grinder. This will always damage the threads but may not ruin them.
Often due to cracks in the neck or serious pitting, I just cut the neck off, with or without thermostat, lathe turn and thread a new neck and weld it back on, finishing to replicate the original cast finish.

Regardless, a stuck thermostat requires the manifold OFF the engine. On reassembly, I coat the threads on the thermostat with silver anti-seize, and install hand tight, as the upper hose holds it (somewhat) in place.
This job ranges from simple, to complex with time spent from reasonable to excessive. Good luck. Again, if it works installed and stuck, do not remove. This from my own experiences over time.

Replacing these is another fun job for another time.
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