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Replacing the old window glass felts.

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Door rubbers and felt trims…A complete restoring adventure. I think everything goes, fits etc around the doors is the most difficult restoring part of a car! Speaking for original parts (rubbers and felts) many told some good places to buy, well ok there are plenty of them. But, tried these called “perfect fit” I was almost laughing! And they are not cheap, to be honest. So, in Giulia Super there are 4 felts( each=43 cm) for the windows in the front doors and 4 (each=67cm) in the rear doors. These felts hold the windows and finally protect the inside of the doors from dust and water. Usually, these felts after years almost gone or loose their ability to hold tight the glasses. And the dust inserts inside the door, water too. In Giulias those felts are pressed with strong steel straps together with the aluminum trims ( at least in Supers I saw only aluminums, in Berlinas the trims are of chromed and not press with straps, just pressed).
For a Berlina, if we are lucky enough to find the exact felt trim, we just have to replace it. In a Giulia that will be a nightmare ‘cause we have to get of the old one ( the old guys used a press machine for this purpose, who knows with how many PSIs…). The only good news here is that the trim itself was of alu, thus, even after distortion on the restoring job it will be then easy to get it straight. Before some days I found some very good old UK Made felts ( 5 meters for 12Euro). The original width of the trim is 16-17mm, the same were for the news, too. The only thing was that they had on the down side a slim aluminum strap all the way, ok, they weren’t for Alfas. Then I got a flash...In case you also find something like these I found, take a look at the photos. Needs some patience but all in all takes 3-4 hours and the final result is great!
1. Take of the alu trims from the door
2. Get of those old felts, by separating them from their alu trims. Use whatever you have, be gently. In a case of some distortion of the trims, no worries you can fix it later
3. Begin to separate the slim alu trim of the felt itself, while at the same time get it more opened . Needs some exercise, it not so difficult. Don’t worry again if this trim will be ugly or distorted after this. At this point we want it just opened.
4. Before doing anything yet, measure on the doors ( for each of one felt) the exact length you want (in one of the photos, the first I made it was cut 1 cm shorter, thus giving a well gap between the end of the felt and the vertical chrome trim of the vent glass window…) .Then proceed and cut the right length , for each felt.
5. Now, the difficults…The small widened alu trim will be used as our new pressing material between our new felt and our door’s alu trims. How? Look at the photos. Start from one end and hold tight enough all the members while at the same time with the help of any convenience tool, press firmly all of them together. Finally, the whole thing ( felt + trim ) will seem strong and ready to fit back on the door.
The final result was in my Giulia just great!

I will try in some days to do the same in my Berlina, in a diff way of course, since there aren’t steel straps to hold the felts. Perhaps will need only to get the felts in the rail of the chromed trims and just press ( who knows…)

Hope it will help!


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As I told you, this might be a good approach in case you find something similar I found. And is soooo cheap. Enjoy!


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