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I recently started a project to replace all the old deteriorated rubber on my 85 spider that I have owned since 86. There was one little bit of info on replacing rubber for the hard gas lines I did not find on the BB, so thought I would add it for someone's future benefit and maybe if I help make someone's life a little easier, I could repay a small part of my debt to the BB.

When I started the project, little did I know what "ALL" meant, how hard that would be, and frustratingly how you can't get ALL the rubber from the usual suppliers or that you have to go to multiple of the usual suppliers for all your needs. I started right before COVID and figured it would take me awhile. Now with COVID and more time on my hands, I am experiencing "while I am in there" syndrome, so it will probably take me even longer to get the car back in action as I am doing way more than I thought I would or could. Having discovered the excellent information on Alfabb, I have been well informed and have satisfyingly checked many boxes. I started with all new hoses in the engine bay, that led to all the drain and fuel injection hoses thus removing the plenum. That led to new engine mounts, transmission bushing, exhaust bracket bushings. That led to a complete driveshaft re-do including new guibo and guibo protection cage. Might as well clean all electrical grounds, replace the old asbestos exhaust heat shield. May as well do the axle limit straps and hardware. I threw in the throttle rod ends, heater hoses, new fuel injectors with new modern clips that are actually easy to get off. Had to take the seats out for the heater hose so put new leather on the seats. Fixed the rust in the spare tire well, and on and on. I think I am half done. As all the information for these is here on the bb, I won't detail my travails. However, anyone that is deep into any of these tasks and can't find something here, feel free to PM me.

First, my car

Now onto the hard gas lines, I replaced:
1) the stupid little 5 or so inch pieces that connect the supply and return hard lines above the differential to the hard lines in the trunk. These are way up high above the rear differential. They are guaranteed to be ready to replace if your car is as old as mine. Of course the hose clamps were well rusted and exceedingly difficult to get off while your cheek is buried in the grease encrusted differential and axle. I didn't document that part as it was all a blur. But I do have a finished picture:

2) the rubber grommets that hold the lines to your body
If you look under your old car you might find some really old crappy rubber pieces that hold your hard lines to the body. Mine would literally crumble in my hand when I poked to inspect them or they were really goo-ed up with oil. Well, there's a fine fellow on this site that sells these great reproductions. Actually he gives them away to you if you make a charitable donation for $67 to one of 2 charities he supports. I thought that was a GREAT exchange. His name is Rich Davisson, he goes by "gprocket" and has like 5000 posts and has an Alfa shop in Michigan. You can find them here: For Sale - Undercarriage Fuel Line Grommets
It was pretty straightforward but if you don't do this for a living you might wonder "how do I get these on the existing line?" and "are these supposed to fit over the soft rubber covering on the hard pipe?" Well, they don't so you need to do some surgery. So I got a sharp Xacto knife and cut slices in the new grommets and a sliver of the old line away so the new rubber would clamp onto the pipe directly. See pictures.

An old grommet

Old vs new

Slits you need to cut

Cutting a slice of the protective rubber so the grommet fits over the pipe

Slice #2

Insert grommet

All tucked in and completed!

How I replaced part of the soft rubber hoses that cover the gas lines in another post as I am up to my 10 picture limit!


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[Remaining part of post]
To finish, I purchased 2 pieces of soft hose from McMaster Carr:
1) for the smaller "return" gas line: Part # 2029N17, Multipurpose Blended Neoprene Foam Tube, 9/16" Od, 3/8" Id, 10' ($9)
2) for the larger "supply" gas line: Part # 4339T5, Ultra-Weather-Resistant EPDM Foam Tube, 5/8" OD, 1/2" ID, 6' Long ($9)
I had no rationale for why I bought one as EPDM and the other as "Multipurpose Blended Neoprene". I think I was cross-eyed at the 400 million variants of the tube you could buy and just wanted to get it over with. Perhaps someone could comment what would ultimately be better: EPDM or Neoprene. Hopefully they will both last a long time as I really don't want to stick my hands up above my way greasy differential again. Here are the pictures of what I did:
When I replaced the little 5" pieces of hose up high above the differential, I actually pulled the hard lines off the car as the rubber protective hose was saturated with oil and about to fall off. Here are the pieced off the car. One pipe is 1/2" OD and the other is about 3/8" OD.

Here they are with the new external soft protective hose and new grommets as well an new line going to fuel pump and coming from fuel return line under the car.

Well thats it. I hope this is helpful for someone!

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Thanks for taking the time to photograph everything.
There is always some new information for others, in posts like these.

For instance, ID of supply and return hard lines
It is also useful because it illustrates just how well the factory hard lines hold up after 30+ years under the car.

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interesting fix. I was planning to slit some heater hose to slip over the steel lines in the places that it contacts or might rub on other metal. That or many some wiring loom. But your method looks pretty solid.
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