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Replacing glass/mirror in Spider rearview mirror

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International Auto sells a glass/mirror kit to replace fogged up rearview mirror. This is the mirror inside the plastic housing attached to the interior top of the windshield frame. Any tips on how to disassemble the plastic housing so I can remove the old mirror and replace it with the new one? I don't see any obvious way to pop open the plastic around the mirror, and I don't want to break the plastic surround by prying it open.
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My plastic surround just pops off.

I've not seen any glue residue or the like on there the several times I've had it apart. :shrug:

You might try getting it apart and cleaning what's there before ordering the kit though.
There was a good thread on cleaning the rear view mirror not to long ago. I cleaned mine without removing it from the car. The plastic ring pops off and then the mirror and glass will fall right out. Clean the mirror and glass and it is like new. Less than a 5 minute job.

Doesn't look like they have internal lights - so if you like you lighted mirror, well, don't bother...
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The lighted mirror can be removed in the same fashion as the non-lighted one... It's easy to disconnect the wires from the mirror. Also, the light assembly is easily pulled out of the mirror completely, and this doesn't require removing the mirror from the windshield stalk.

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Holy Moly Batman, I just went out, got my mirror, brought it in and cleaned it. Less than 10 minutes, Magnificent!! I can see behind again!! This is a great resource.

Not to thread jack, but why is the OEM mirror so **** pricey? Mine was never whole, so I'm not familiar with what it really looks like? When I bought the car, a bullet had gone through my mirror and cleaned it right off the windshield and into a million pieces. After seeing that the replacement original costs more than several cars I owned in high school, I bought a black, lighted mirror from a Sunbird? off ebay, cost 6 bucks, looks and works fine. I couldn't be more pleased.
Nothing really special about them other than the way they affix to the windshield frame.
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