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Now that the car is running, I'm discovering all sorts of things that the DPO didn't make me aware of. The Italian troll with the 5 pound mallet who lives under the transmission has made his presence known.

Both the rear transmission mount and the center support for the drive shaft are shredded and new ones have been ordered.

I read about the removal of the bearing and the need for a press, but I thought I'd give it a try. I have a nice-sized gear/steering wheel puller that I was able to connect to the flange with a couple of 10mm bolts connected to opposite holes on the flange. 80 ft lbs and some careful tapping with a small hammer and there was a satisfying "pop," a 3" separation, and a "Thwunk. . .tinkle tinkle" across the room. Twenty minutes of careful searching revealed nothing, until I got out the heavy hitter--the BROOM. Swept up a little pile, and there at the edge was a woodruff key that had flown out.

The bearing took some precision tapping with a cold chisel, but it came off after only five minutes or so, leaving the slinger unscathed.

I can only hope that the replacement bearing goes on equally easily. The plan is to use a length of pipe, a thick washer, and the original flange mounting nut.

As always, since it went easier than I thought it would, I'm waiting for someone to explain what I forgot to do.

And yes, I did mark the flanges.

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Way to go!

Yo Cheburashka (if that is your real name :) ),

Congrats on conquering that center carrier!

An Italian troll living under my Alfa came as a no-cost feature when I took possession in '02 and the owner of a local driveshaft shop later told me it was among the most challenging jobs he ever tackled (perhaps that says more about his abilities, but I doubt it since he was a pretty crusty character). Anyway, he made the mistake of flat-rating the job and way too long later he finally got the original apart and put things right. I understand a torch, a variety of implements and way more time than anticipated were ultimately involved in the repair. He was quite good natured about the whole affair and I gave him a few extra shekels.

"Hey, what the h$&@ am I supposed to do with shekels!?", he asked.

In your case, it is once again demonstrated that brains trump brawn! And of course the "vernier" hammer and precision broom helped!

Well done sir! You are a credit to determined Alfisti worldwide.
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